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Living in the city: Getting rid of the noise

London - the biggest city in the United Kingdom generates a lot of noise on daily basis. Its inhabitants each day are faced with thousands of people, various sounds and many other stimuli. It is extremely important to have a space that is devoid of all the big city noise and lets people relax after a long and tiring day. London Sound Solutions Ltd is a company that helps its customers in getting rid of the annoying sounds of the outside world. They take care of house, apartment and studio soundproofing while using dependable and solid materials.

Studio soundproofing - for professionals and amateurs

London Sound Solutions Ltd offers professional and what is important, efficient, studio soundproofing. The company is known for taking on small projects, mostly for personal use, but also bigger and more time and energy-consuming orders. Each customer can individually choose what type of insulation he needs and what particular solutions they are interested in the most. For professionals, who need a properly soundproofed studio, the company will prepare a meticulous design and then transfer it to the real life.

London Sound Solutions Ltd
158 Uxbridge Road W13 8SB London
Our offer

If your business is developing vividly and you would like to have the possibility to expand or move your workplace accordingly to the current needs, you should order a portable cabin offered by KC Solution. As it does need any foundations and its structure is very light and easily assembled or dismantled, its transportation or expansion is extremely simple. What is more, such a technique is much faster and cheaper than the traditional one. A portable cabin can be easily adapted to any kind of workplace, such as a shop, kiosk, office, bar or pub, to mention but a few. Check our realisations and project at:

KC Cabins Solutions Ltd
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