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Company Vakker offers
Painting Sydney

Before you consider hiring a painting company from Sydney, you should carefully examine their offers. Not all companies are characterised by the same level of proficiency and expertise. Vakker Australia is one of the most experienced on the market. Every time they try to use the best materials and innovative techniques to provide the most complex services that are the most satisfactory to their clients. For more information about their offer, visit their website.

Vakker Australia
6/11 French Street Kogarah NS Sydney
401 909 870
Commercial painting
Roof painting -

There are many services offered by Vakker Australia and one of them is roof painting in Sydney. They are not afraid to work at heights, as they have gained much experience in this kind of services. Apart from that, they have solid and infallible equipment at their disposal, what provides them with high safety and comfort of work. As a result, they are able to refine every detail, in order to make your roof both functional and beautif It is also worth remembering that they are fully insured and licensed.

Vakker Australia
6/11 French Street Kogarah NS Sydney
401 909 870
Our offer
Portable cabin - KC Solution

If your business is developing vividly and you would like to have the possibility to expand or move your workplace accordingly to the current needs, you should order a portable cabin offered by KC Solution. As it does need any foundations and its structure is very light and easily assembled or dismantled, its transportation or expansion is extremely simple. What is more, such a technique is much faster and cheaper than the traditional one. A portable cabin can be easily adapted to any kind of workplace, such as a shop, kiosk, office, bar or pub, to mention but a few. Check our realisations and project at:

KC Cabin Solution
Newpark Business Park ST5 7HT Newcastle under Lyme
07443 564 451