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Digipak printing

With the assistance of Printmasta one is able to manufacture a chosen number of CDs, DVDs and even Blu-ray Discs. Depending on the order's quantity, the client will be able to choose duplication or replication - both offering different advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, to customise the purchase even more, the company offers also various packaging solutions - from digipak printing, through plastic boxes for either CDs or DVDs. The wide assortment of options available to the customer, will help greatly in creating highly personalised orders.

Professional digipak printing

Among many of the services offered by Printmasta, one can find professional digipak printing. The company will be responsible for creating functional containers for CDs/DVDs/BDs following the designs sent in by the customers. Thanks to the experience gained by working with hundreds of clients of many different backgrounds, Printmasta is able to prepare highly detailed covers. Depending on customer's individual recommendations, digipak printing can involve the solutions with four or six pages for the delivered artworks.

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Developing systems, applications and programmes

Baroo Software is a team of highly-trained, ambitious and experienced programmers working on projects for companies from all around the world. They offer their assistance to enterprises focused on developing new applications and systems, but unable to employ their own dedicated departments. They are among the most reliable Java outsourcing companies in Europe with a large number of projects in their portfolio. The competitive prices make them a popular pick, even in comparison to teams based in Asia.

Java outsourcing companies

Many Java outsourcing companies require a lot of money to be invested for them to get involved with a project. Baroo Software offers fair prices and is always willing to join working on exciting and demanding tasks. Their employees have a broad knowledge of the subject, therefore they are easily able to fulfil the client's expectations and requirements. The company understands how important growth is, therefore it regularly partakes in conferences and seminars concerning new methods of working and new development technologies.

Baroo Software
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Dedicated programming specialists

Baroo Software is one of many software development outsourcing companies from Poland that offer thorough services to clients all over the world. This team specialises in Java, Grails and iOS and Android solutions, providing a meaningful insight for their clients. It consists of highly skilled and qualified alumni of the best Polish technical universities. Their ambition and dedication increase their performance and convince corporations from many parts of Earth to trust their expertise and abilities.

Solid software development outsourcing companies

There are many inventors, organisations and firms looking for an assistance with software development. Outsourcing companies offer a convenient assistance to those, who cannot afford to hire more employees or simply want to work with teams of experienced professionals. The majority of times, such a support is also much more cheaper than traditional hiring process, which is yet another advantage for many corporations in the world. Baroo Software is going to make sure the project is completed on time and the client is fully satisfied with the results of the cooperation.

Baroo Software
108 Lower Baggot Street Dublin 2
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