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Dog collars from Italian leather - Timely

What do you think when you hear “Italian leather”? Probably expensive shoes and bags or a peculiar boutique in an expensive European city. Timely tears all these stereotypes apart with their incredible products for dogs – collars made of Italian leather. Thanks to this company from Denmark, your dog can be as fashionable as the most popular models of today’s world. The collars produced by Timely are not only classy, but also make your animal feel super snug and cosy. It is high time your pet felt special and appreciated.

Høje Gladsaxe 62, 2TV 2860 Søborg
Top Ceramics
Wall porcelain tiles

If you need high-standard wall porcelain tiles at an affordable price, you should definitely visit the website of Top Ceramics. There are many excellently crafted products to select from, as they are derived from well-known European producers. As their absorption of moisture is really low (0.5% or even less), they are often used in places where they have contact with water, such as kitchens and bathrooms. For a start, you can order a sample of the porcelain tile you like, in order to make sure that it is exactly as you want it to be.

Top Ceramics
Great West Rd TW8 9DN Brentford
Funeral urns
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A funeral might be a difficult time not only for the family of the late person, but also for all of those people, who were close in his or her life. Regardless of this fact, one should always strive to make those moments as painless as possible. Because of that, it is important to choose an appropriate urn for ashes. This choice might be difficult, however, it must be done. If you are interested in purchasing beautiful, meticulously made urns, you should visit Coffin Supplies and find our more about their offer.

Gregspol Ltd
27 Peel Way B69 3JU Oldbury
Gemstone rings and more

Regardless of the occasion, it is advisable to possess jewellery perfectly matching your outfit. Silver Island UK is a company that uses only the finest quality materials to produce gemstone rings. They are perfectly aware of the fact that if they want to create extraordinary jewellery, they can do that only by keeping the quality of their products at highest standard. The unique visual properties of gemstones make them one of the most incredible products. More information can be found on the website.

Silver Island UK
19 Bridle Way L33 4FE Liverpool
Organic castor oil

Organic castor oil is great for hair and skin treatments. It can help stimulate hair growth, regenerate hair structure and prevent their loss. Additionally, it is suitable for every skin type. After the treatment, skin will be left moisturized, healthy and smooth. Castor oil offered by Hempline Cosmetics has exfoliating properties, so it will eliminate old layers of the skin and make it look younger. If you suffer from rough and damaged elbows and hands or cracked heels, castor oil will work like a charm. You want to know more? Visit the website!
34 Colbran St. BB10 3DP Burnley
Shop for collectors
Samurai sword for sale

There are many offers of a samurai sword for sale, however, you should pay attention to its quality. online store has prepared a wide range of high-quality products, copied directly from the originals. The most popular weapon is katana, which was really dreadful at its times. There was also a shorter sword, called wakizashi, which had also often a different cross section. In the shop you can buy a dagger used by the samurai, known as tanto, as well. More on page:

PHU Carus
ul. Koscianska 42 64-010 Krzywin
693 416 012
Shop online with clothes

If you are looking for well-made and non-expensive Disney clothes for girls, you should definitely visit the website of Oli Fashion Kids shop. Their products will make an outstanding gift for your child, as the characters from animated TV series and motion pictures are amazingly admired. You can choose, for example, an item associated with classic Disney productions, such as a dress with Cinderella or a set with Minnie Mouse. Moreover, there are many clothes with Anna and Elsa from “Frozen”, as well as with the main protagonist from “Sofia the First”.

Oli Fashion Kids Marta Kozak
8 Hibiscus Close HA8 9GA London
Weapons from the past
Special Replicas Sword

A sword constituted the most popular weapon throughout ages and it had its own characteristic qualities in every culture and era. For example, a Roman gladius was different from a Chinese dao, as well as from the Persian shamshir. is an extraordinary shop where you can order a sword replica that has been actually based on a particular historical prototype. For instance, you can purchase the copies of the blades that were used by Julius Caesar, Alfonso X, Charlemagne or Peter the Great.

PHU Benefico
Jeziory Wielkie 2B 63-020 Zaniemyśl
661 925 625
Best shop

It is worth investing in a leather briefcase, because of its firmness and prestigious appearance. It will certainly prove useful to carry all the important documents with you and, moreover, it will make you look neat and stylish. You can order it at a reasonable price in the online shop called Leather Boutique. What is more, it is possible to buy a gift voucher there and allow someone to choose his or her present that will meet particular expectations entirely. You can see the stocked leather briefcases here:

Leather Boutique
6 Langfield A91PEY2 Dundalk, Co. Louth
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Katana has always been something more than just a sword for the warriors from the Land of the Rising Sun. The samurai treated their swords solemnly, as they symbolized their pride and honour. That is why, as time went by, a kind of cult of katana emerged and the craftsmen, who has been making them, are approached in a unique way till the present. Especially nowadays, when samurai swords produced traditionally cannot leave Japan and their process of creation is strictly supervised. If you want to find out more about katana and its adequately made replicas, you should visit the Global Replicas shop website.

PHU Carus
ul. Koscianska 42 64-010 Krzywin
693 416 012